Spring Wildlife Highlights

Posted on Saturday, May 26th 2018 by Tracey Smith

Spring Wildlife Highlights

This week BBC Springwatch returns to our screens to show viewers the best of British wildlife. We thought it would a great time to introduce you to some of the 5 wildlife highlights that visitors to the Heart of Sutherland can enjoy in Spring time:

1. The Black Grouse Lek is in full swing, with many sites being used for hundreds of years. Early morning trip outs can reveal many male birds full of testosterone strutting their stuff to impress the watching females. Their distinctive lyre shaped white is an impressive sight. Check out local wildlife guides and ranger’s trips throughout the area who will take you to local sites.

2. Ospreys have returned from their long trip from the African continent and immediately they arrive can be seen busy readying their nest for the coming breeding season. Pairs can often be seen displaying and food passing, and are a common sight fishing in local rivers, lochs and estuaries. Look for nests in flat topped trees often near water.

3. Young Red and Sika deer calves can be spotted with their mothers in large herds in the glen. Often their young will be hidden in long grass whilst their mothers feed, if you come across one on a walk please do not disturb them. Large herds can be found enjoying the Spring grass in local glens.

4. The salmon are beginning their journey from the Atlantic to their breeding grounds in the Highlands. With the warm weather and Spring rain they can be seen attempting to jump the waterfalls, often making several attempts to clear the foaming water and rocks. Great places to view this natural wonder are the Falls of Shin, Lairg.

5. The call of the cuckoo can be heard echoing around local glens signalling for a mate. The birds can often be spotted sitting on telegraph pole/ lines along the roadside.

Spring is a great time to visit with the countryside coming alive with the warmer weather: frogspawn is hatching in the ponds, garden birds are busy nesting and rearing chick and many of the spring migrants such as Red and Black Throated Divers, Golden Plovers and Greenshank have returned to the breeding grounds.

If you love wildlife, then the Heart of Sutherland is the place to be.

Stay, Discover and Explore. 

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