Traditional Country Field Sports

Sutherland is World renowned for the traditional rural pursuits of country life including hunting, shooting and fishing.  These activities go all the way back to when life was much simpler and were an essential part of survival for those living in these wild lands where crops were scarce.

The most iconic scenario is the Red Stag Stalk where an experienced Gamekeeper takes a client out for a day on the hill which is an unforgettable experience allowing the guest to get  close and become at one with nature during a day of changeable weather, awe inspiring scenery with the smell of the wild flowers and heather and scurrying clouds in the sky. The gamekeeper is an experienced manager of wildlife usually on an Estate which is a large area of land under their care where they know every rock and tree and keep a close watch on the animals ensuring their survival in the long winters and only taking out those animals which are past their best, injured or malformed in some way.

The stag hunting season runs from mid July until early October when the hind season then opens until mid February.  The estates can be contacted directly to arrange this or any local agent will be able to arrange,  some of these are -  Bell Ingram in Bonar Bridge, Balnagown Estates, George Goldsmith in Edinburgh, Marcus Munro at the Highland Shooting Centre,  Achness Hotel, Oykel Bridge Hotel and Corriemulzie Estates. There is also sika stalking available in the area - Rosehall was one of the first places in Britain to introduce this elusive species from the Far East to the British Isles in the late 1800s.

The newly built Highland Shooting Centre at Altass near Rosehall also offers all of the above as well as the chance to try these activities for the first time as well as clay shooting, target Rifle shooting and other activities providing equipment and tuition and lots of fun for individuals or groups.

Field sports are an essential part of country life and are always carried out in an ethically sound and environmentally friendly environment.  The Gamekeepers and Gillies are an invaluable host of knowledge on all aspects of wildlife and habitat and a day out with any of these countryside custodians is guaranteed to be a day never to be forgotten.

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