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Sutherland has some very fine cycle tracks, roads and paths that either have no traffic at all on them, or the traffic is so light that you can hear it coming and be out of its way in good time. There are some examples of safe routes below, some very fine. These cycle routes could be ‘adventures’ that a family could take two or three days to complete. By joining them up a two week holiday becomes possible.

In addition there are many routes not included but need to be mentioned:

Hydro-Electric access routes. Some of these are excellent tarred roads. For example a routefrom the end of Loch Shin that goes first to Corrykinloch, then winds over the ‘top’ to a powerstation/dam then on to Ducally followed by Glencassley to finish in  Rosehall. Excellent cycling, much on a completely empty tarred road with excellent views of the ‘back’ of Ben More Assynt.

Forestry Commision roads. Most do not join one place with another; they simply go into the wood, but do make excellent cycling.

Wind farm access routes.

Local mountain bike resources e.g Carbisdale, Balblair, Rosehall Trails, Highland Wildcat and several others.

Included on this page is one heavy-end walk route (Route 6) it takes in some of the most magnificent country anywhere and the remotest Munro in Scotland (Seana Bhraigh). A three day trek, over rough country, it emphasises the scale of our underplayed resource here.

What follows is a handful of suggested routes; there are a great many others.

Cycle Routes Maps

You can also download our Cycle Routes Maps as shown above.

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